Wanted Design, NY.


The Tunisian Marks pavilion was built around three notions: Emotions, Heritage & Icons. The visitors were able to experience a splendid mix of rising talented artists, creators, designers, and the next generation of the most gifted young Tunisians. All gathered around the same values, with a unique sense of openness towards the world, Vakay designers exhibited their visions, which originate from a long history, deeply rooted in the Tunisian tradition, but always conceived as an ode to eternal youth, and celebrating the birth of very peculiar icons.

VAKAY designers specially made a unique piece of wooden sunglasses, with special forms inspired from tunisian architechture. Asymetric and buit on one fifth ratios.

Come across and explore our love message, hear the scream of our feelings and taste our unique flavors, hunted by thousand years of creation.

This program has been conceived by Elizabeth Krief, under the artistic and creative direction of Hejer Smaali and administred by Meriem Tamarzizt.
This program is supported by Prestige Projects,  TIB (Tunisian International Bank), Talan, and many anonymous sponsors.


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