Save Mos Espa, Star Wars Decors. (VIDEO)

Save Mos Espa : A citizens’ fundraising initiative to save and preserve the Star Wars film set.

Sunglasses to Save Star Wars

Save Mos Espa, Star Wars Film Set

Mos Espa is a small town in the south of Tunisia near the Sahara desert. This site was famous because it was the Star Wars Film Set.
Sand from the sahara was raising up covering the site.
The Tunisian association CDTOS (Tourism Chamber for the Oasis and Sahara regions) taked action and launched the operation « Save Mos Espa ». Standing as a new citizens’ association initiative, this international campaign aimed at raising the necessary funds for the work required to save the site of Ong Jmel in Nefta.
Vakay made a special edition of wooden sunglasses to help save the site.

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